why you need an attorney during a divorce

why you need an attorney during a divorce

  • What Is A Default Divorce And Can You Contest It?

    A default divorce occurs when a person seeks to divorce their partner, but the partner cannot be found. If the partner cannot be found, it means they can't be served with divorce papers, and they also can't dispute the allegations and demand put forth in the divorce filing. In such a case, as long as the conditions for a default divorce have been met, the judge will grant the divorce to the person who made the filing without further consideration to the other party.

  • You Made A Child Support Payment Mistake: Are You Going To Go To Jail?

    Child support is a critical thing to get right after a divorce or if you have a child with another person. Mistakes with payments are taken seriously and may get you thrown in jail. That said, it is possible to avoid this problem if you understand ways to defend yourself from ending up in jail or getting stuck in a difficult repayment cycle.  Jail Is A Real Possibility If You Don't Pay

  • Criminal Defense Attorney: Why You Need One

    If you have found yourself to be the defendant in a criminal case, it is vital that you are taking some time to locate the best possible criminal defense attorney to represent you. Even though that might cost some money, representing yourself might come with a much higher price that you can't afford. Take a moment to check out the following reasons why you should never try to represent yourself in a criminal case.

  • How To Reduce Your Exposure To Social Host Liability When Hosting A Party

    Social host liability laws make hosts responsible for the actions of guests who get intoxicated at a party. For example, if a guest causes a DUI (driving under the influence) accident after leaving your party, you may be partially on the hook for their crime. This is especially likely if there is evidence that you continued serving alcohol to a guest who was already intoxicated. If you are planning to host a party where alcohol will be served, take the following measures to minimize your exposure to social host liability:

  • Some Important Things To Know About Mediation

    If you are going through a divorce you are probably considering going through mediation. In fact, you have no choice but to try mediation first seeing that it is court mandated. For this reason, you need to educate yourself about mediation and what you should expect in the process. Here are some things that you should know. What Is Mediation? Mediation is the process by which you try to compromise without going to court.

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    why you need an attorney during a divorce

    My daughter and her former husband went through some very tough years. They tried everything to make their marriage work, but it just wasn't going to work out. When she came to me for advice about what to do, I sent her on to a divorce attorney. I explained to her how important it is to have a legal professional working with you from the very start of a divorce. If you are preparing to file for a divorce, or are currently going through one, go to my site. There, you will learn several reasons why you should have an attorney representing you through the process.